Guthrie Govan – Wonderful Slippery Thing (Cover)

Continuing on from my last post, here’s the second video of the week, this one being “Wonderful Slippery Thing”!


Guthrie Govan – Sevens (Cover)

Onto the second port of call!

Whilst working on this wonderful new website that houses all of my shiny content, I’ve been researching and applying for Masters level degree courses to further my journey of guitar based music. To accompany my Masters applications I have dug into my repertoire of Guthrie Govan material and I have recorded two videos. The first being “Sevens” (yes, I am aware I have covered Sevens before, however I have upped the production quality for this video, and I am happier with this versions improvisation performance over the last/current version), so enjoy!

(The second video will be coming to your screens later this week!).

Launch Time!

The past couple of weeks I have been rather quiet on the content side of things for my channel, but I have been hard at work behind the curtains working on my website!
So without further ado here is the link to my website:

Here you can find all things Samsquatch related, be it; videos, promotional photos (although Samsquatch’s are fairly elusive 😉 ), lessons, music etc. All of these wonders are available just a few clicks away. The domain name will be temporary, so prepare for a slight change to that in the coming weeks (I shall do another announcement when that happens).